Hey everyone, good news, MY FIRST SOLO ALBUM IS FINALLY FINISHED !!!!

I poured my heart into making these songs and this recording. It was a long process, but I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish. Everyone who worked on it with me did a great job, from the producer, to the mixer, to the musicians, even the guy who tuned the piano. I was also privileged enough to have Janell Belcher from The Ember Days help me out with much of the vocals on this album. Of course she always does a fantastic job, so don’t forget to support her band as well.

The goal was to give the Lord music to abide in where he can meet with and work in all who hear it. I’ve prayed over every single word, and every single note, and gave it as much effort as I possibly could. Now it’s time to share it, and my prayer is that God would stir in your heart every time you listen to it.